Car Detailing Pricing

Interior Detailing

  •  estimated time: 3 hours
  • Detailed vacuum
  • Steam cleaning (steering wheel, shift knob, air vent, window switches)
  • Stain-removal treatment
  • Odor-removal treatment
  • Interior wipe-down
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Floor mat cleaning
Sedan – $120
5-Seated SUV – $140
7-Seated SUV – $180
Van – $180

Exterior Wash

  •  estimated time: 40 minutes
  • 3 step pre-rinse to prevent marring & scratches
  • Exterior hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Synthetic spray sealant is applied over paintwork to help boost the existing wax or sealant
  • Tires degreased & scrubbed
  • Exterior is dried with compressed air & premium micro fiber towels
  • Exhaust tip cleaned & polished
  • Recommended for vehicles that have been previously decontaminated in between washes
Sedan – $35
5-Seated SUV – $45
7-Seated SUV – $55
Van – $55


Winter Special

Estimated time: 3 hours
Foam cannon pre rinse Hand and pressure wash
Rim clean Tires and rims cleaning and dress
Vehicle DECONTAMINATION (remove surface rust) Paint protection sealant





7-passangers van / SUV


Concours Finish

This is absolute perfection. Every painted panel is thoroughly inspected and polished to remove as much defect as possible. Intense multi-step correction methods using the finest polishes available. We use a variety of lighting equipment which are daylight balanced for accurate colour rendering with additional high intensity discharge lamps to reveal every single imperfection.

Estimated time: 4-5 days
Everything in multi-step package
Up to 5 steps of paint refinement Removal of rids by wet sanding

The ALL-IN-ONE Package

The All-in-one package was created with budget and time in mind. Recommended bi-annual or tri-annual. Having the surface prepped & polished you will see & feel a huge difference!

The single stage polish will remove minor imperfections and restore colour contrast to the paints finish. As an added bonus it “super” cleans the surface for maximum sealant/wax bonding

Estimated time: 6 hours
Premium Interior Package Single stage machine polish & cleaner wax
Premium Exterior Package Premium sealant or wax for most durability




  • 6 full exterior wash
  • 2 exterior wax
  • 1 interior steam clean
  • 2 interior wipe down

***Disclaimer: Missed booking count as a session, no refunds or exchanges. Annual combo is limited to use once every two months only. Once expired, no refunds or exchanges or extension. Expiry date is exactly 360 days after first date of use. Wax and steam clean must be used together per session. Combo cannot be transferrable, limited to one owner with the same vehicle.

We provide complimentary reminder service, let us know when you prefer to come in for a car wash, we will call you to schedule your next appointment.


Multi-step Paint Correction

This package is recommended for heavily weathered vehicles. By introducing a cutting step, we can safely remove heavy swirling and oxidation. We take into consideration how the vehicle is being used for clear coat preservation.

Recommended annually or every other year with light polishing in between.

Estimated time: 2 days
Includes a compound to remove heavy imperfections Topped with a premium sealant or wax
Finishing polish to refine maximum clarity & gloss Ceramic coatings allowed to be installed after completion

Extra Services

*Available only with the purchase of exterior or interior package above.

Windows cleaned in & out$10CALL TO BOOK →
Clean all door Jambs$10CALL TO BOOK →
Rims/Tires cleaned & dressed$15CALL TO BOOK →
Interior vacuum including trunk$25CALL TO BOOK →
Hand wash & dry$20CALL TO BOOK →
Interior wipe down (air vent & cup holders)$25CALL TO BOOK →
Clean & Shine dashboard, door panels, center console$25CALL TO BOOK →
Ozone interior air refreshment service (40min)$50CALL TO BOOK →
Engine shampooed and dressed$30CALL TO BOOK →
Headlight restoration$30 eachCALL TO BOOK →
Steam clean carpets, floor mats, seats$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Leather deep clean & condition$80CALL TO BOOK →
Salt & Stain removal$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Clay bar treatment$50 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Surface rust spot removal$80 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Buffing & PolishingPrice available upon requestCALL TO BOOK →
Window wax$120CALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic exterior wash$70CALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 1 year)$300CALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 3 years)ask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Ceramic Coating (lasts 5 years)ask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Windows Ceramic Coating$150CALL TO BOOK →
1 step polishask for quoteCALL TO BOOK →
Rim coating (x4)$150 & upCALL TO BOOK →
Under carriage wash$15CALL TO BOOK →
Pet hair removal$40 & upCALL TO BOOK →

*Tax not included in pricing


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